Feature Presentation  (feature film)

Synopsis - coming soon.

Bait (short)


A sea creature disguised as an ice cream truck vendor attempts to lure 2 people in for a midnight snack.

Sheep Among Wolves (Feature)


After a terrible car crash several survivors are stuck inside the wreckage and attacked by a pack of wolves.

Coroners HobBy (Feature) 


A modern day Frankenstein film about a Coroner that lost his wife to cancer and pursues the wild idea of resurrecting her, but first he must test his experiment on someone else. Since his resources are limited he decides to create a person with his friend at the funeral home using stolen body parts of the corpses he prepares.  After several attempts  using fresh cadavers he  finally succeeds. Only to discover that the person he has resurrected had been a violent serial killer and once reanimated , would continue his killing spree .

The Man Outside (Feature) 


A serial killer is stalking a single mother and her teenage son. Once he sees them he starts to fantasize about being a part of the family and in this fantasy, he is excepted with open loving arms. Once he decides to meet them, they may not reciprocate those same feels towards him and he just might lose his temper like he did with the others.